Fluff Deluxe - constantly surprising

Mino Vaknin is a name Im not familiar with, all I know is that he is a well travelled man I think originating in Israel and now residing in Denmark and this mix of cultures has resulted in a fascinating record. He has been releasing records since 1997 though and there is more than a hint of his psy-trance roots in a constantly shifting and changing production.

Fluff Deluxe - 8/10 classically styled trance

Fine progressive trance here from Mino, using soft sorrowful chords as the main motif, before building up layers of driving techy percussion and spiky acid and an arpeggiated riff deep in the background. A gentle sound is created by ensuring that none of the more aggressive elements are too loud in the mix, and the result is classically styled trance of the deeper, psychedelic variety.

Fluff Deluxe - progressive in nature

1) Fluff Deluxe (Original Mix) The Original Mix of 'Fluff Deluxe' is quite progressive in nature. There are many delicate touches to be heard as the track evolves, going from a slow, proggy build, to something sporting a slow and gentle melody, and then even further on to some much stronger, stabbed rhythmic notes. It keeps returning to its roots though, going back to the basic beat and simple flowing chord progression with only a few extra elements to spice up the sound.

Fluff Deluxe - peak time driving trance

Travelling from Israel to Denmark, this acid jazz loving drummer developed his own style of progressive trance, and Fluff Deluxe is the first in his trademark sound to hit the shores of Blighty. Winning bonus points straight away for the fantastic name (which probably means something prolific in another nations language which ive just insulted), this is an instrumental throbbing peak time driving trance bomb.

Fluff Deluxe - ARmin, Pvd, Tiesto

ARmin, Pvd, Tiesto Hot new Scandinavian producer Mino delivers a strong melodic trance release featuring a remix by Adam White (White Room). Mino's first release on Maelstrom Records, this is a huge peak time track for the new breed of trance DJ's to big league spinners from Simon Patterson to Paul Van Dyk.
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Fluff Deluxe - 9/10. Nuff said!

New Scandinavian producer Mino delivers a strong melodic trance release featuring a remix by Adam White (White Room). This is Mino's first release on Maelstrom Records.

I really like the feel of this one especially the progression and skilfully adapted melodies. Also the key changes make this a treat to listen to. Most tracks of this nature seem to carry a breakdown of some kind, not here though. I quite like this element as it adds to the overall intensity of the track.