Mino is a well travelled man, picking up many influences on his way over to Europe. His roots as a drummer and lover of psy-trance have given Mino a keen sense of harmony, melody and a good groove! Fluff Deluxe is a pulsating slab of progressive trance with delicate touches throughout. This is the perfect peaktime trance record if you’re in the mood for something wholeheartedly instrumental.

Adam White’s on the remix duties bringing a more UK trance flava to this Deluxe package of trance music! This mix is slightly more pumping end epic than the original and has more ups and downs in it. Resonating synths and superb use of delays in this mix will jump out of the speakers and surround your dancefloors with the warmth of a fluffy jumper!!!

Fluff Deluxe - Mino's latest release on Maelstrom Records, featuring a remix by Adam White.

Original Mix 7:28
Adam White Remix 9:23

Mino - Fluff Deluxe - Single